Real Estate Law

Some of the real estate clients we represent:

  • Real Estate Developers
  • Real Estate Contractors
  • Mortgage Brokers, Investors,
  • Landlords and Commercial
  • Tenants

Some examples of the Real Estate Litigation matters our attorneys have handled over the years include the following matters:

  • Real Estate Attorney Representative Case #1: Representation of a large group of real estate investors in the resolution of complex title disputes involving commercial and residential properties located throughout Southern California and Nevada. We successfully negotiated and prepared agreements and recorded documentation to resolve certain title issues advantageously for our clients. We also effectively utilized the Courts to foreclose upon properties so our clients could convey marketable, insurable title to subsequent prospective purchasers in order to recover our clients’ investment principal.
  • Real Estate Attorney Representative Case #2: Representation of a prospective purchaser of a luxury home in litigation against a bank which claimed an interest in title to the property on the eve of the close of escrow. We successfully proved our client held superior title and that the bank improperly and belatedly recorded its purported lien on the property. We successfully resolved the dispute within three months, and at the conclusion of our representation, the client owned the home without any liens or other “clouds” on title to the property.
  • Real Estate Attorney Representative Case #3: Representation of an investor who purchased a Tenant In Common or “TIC” interest in a high rise office building and healthcare research facility located in Indianapolis, Indiana (the “TIC”), as part of an I.R.C. Section 1031 tax deferred exchange of commercial property. The lawsuit brought against the TIC sponsor alleged it breached a contractual duty to provide appraisal rights to the client pursuant to the agreements governing the TIC investment. We prevailed after trial, recovering monetary compensation equivalent to the fair market value of the TIC interest surrendered by the client, along with the client’s attorneys’ fees and costs incurred in the litigation. The case involved complex issues and conflicting testimony by numerous expert witnesses concerning the various methods of commercial property valuation.