Intellectual Property Lawyer in San Diego

Intellectual property is often the most valuable commodity that a business can possess. Licensing rights can hold millions of dollars of value, as can the ability to stop a competitor from abusing your intellectual property claims. The potential for lucrative gain from infringement can entice many into illegitimate use, or outright theft, of intellectual property. Reciprocally, the lure of barring competing application of new ideas often results in unwarranted actions, Intellectual property litigation can often result in “make or break” decisions for a corporation, which should not be made without consulting an experienced intellectual property litigation attorney.

Our intellectual property attorney in San Diego aggressively pursues our clients’ interests in intellectual property and can assist you in navigating through the complex and often highly technical arguments inherent in intellectual property litigation.
Our intellectual property litigators have experience in cases involving:

  • Trademark
  • Copyright and patent infringement
  • Trade dress infringement and counterfeiting
  • Theft of trade secrets
  • Violations of non-disclosure, non-compete agreements, and other restricted covenants
  • Breach of licensing agreements

Our San Diego intellectual property attorneys are knowledgeable in obtaining top forensic analysis of infringing articles, adroit evaluation of licensing and business losses, and exceptional testifying experts to support your intellectual property litigation objectives.

Some examples of the Intellectual Property Protection And Litigation matters our attorneys have handled over the years include the following matters:

  • Intellectual Property Lawyer Representative Case #1: Representation of a leading multinational data storage company in a complex patent infringement litigation. The multimillion dollar lawsuit filed on behalf of the client in California Federal Court involved a competitor’s allegedly infringing use of the client’s data processing technology. The competitor filed counterclaims against the client. After extensive litigation including large-scale discovery and document management, the parties settled their respective claims in exchange for a net eight figure payment to the client.
  • Intellectual Property Lawyer Representative Case #2: Representation of a multinational manufacturer of music studio recording equipment in a lawsuit brought against a music mixing software developer for trade dress infringement and related claims. The allegedly infringing software, made available to anyone with a high powered laptop, utilized the look, appearance and functionality of the client’s world-renowned studio recording equipment. The case was resolved confidentially during the early stages of litigation.
  • Intellectual Property Lawyer Representative Case #3: Defended an events staffing agency against a lawsuit brought by a competitor alleging unfair competition and breaches of non-compete and confidentiality agreements by the competitor’s former employee. We successfully obtained a complete dismissal and general release of all claims against our client in exchange for $0.
  • Intellectual Property Lawyer Representative Case #4: Representation of a publicly traded building surveying company in a lawsuit to protect its intellectual property relating to certain proprietary laser surveying equipment. The client brought suit against a joint venture partner for violating the client’s intellectual property rights, breaching the parties’ licensing and joint venture agreements, unfair competition, and related claims. We successfully resolved the case after conducting extensive discovery and an independent investigation which revealed highly inflammatory evidence helpful to our client’s case.