Securities Contract Abuse

At The Frost Law Firm, we have handled contractual disputes in a wide variety of business contexts, including securities and investment contracts. Our acumen in securities contract law gives our clients a substantial edge in the courtroom and at the negotiating table.

Some examples of the securities contract disputes our attorneys have handled over the years include the following cases:

  • Securities Contract Dispute Representative Case #1: Representation of a hedge fund in a Federal Court dispute concerning a healthcare receivables investment venture, referred to in the industry as an accounts receivable “factoring” enterprise, alleging the manager of the venture breached numerous contractual duties owed to the client to perform adequate due diligence regarding the health care providers, the collateral pledged by the providers, and other material, financial aspects of the receivables acquired by the parties. After several years of litigation, including numerous depositions of key witnesses conducted across the country, the case was resolved confidentially.
  • Securities Contract Dispute Representative Case #2: Representation of a group of investors in a lawsuit arising out of a second trust deed investment program. We alleged the principal of the program breached several provisions of the investment contract, among other claims. Within weeks of filing the lawsuit and engaging the parties in intensive early negotiations, we recovered the entire seven figure principal amount collectively invested by our clients.
  • Securities Contract Dispute Representative Case #3: Our Managing Partner was trial counsel in a certified class action on behalf of approximately one thousand investors in a contractual dispute against a publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trust (“REIT”). The lawsuit alleged the REIT failed to honor its contractual duty to provide the investors in the class certain appraisal rights when the class members voted against a corporate merger. The amount in dispute was tens of millions of dollars.